Namastay Home Retreat


Namastay Home Retreat started as our founders — Pritha who lives in Netherland, Sasya in Indonesia, and Paulina in Germany — were aware of the importance to step back and re-engage with the inner self in a time of uncertain that is happening on a global scale. Along with our name NamaSTAY HOME retreat, we believe that you don’t need to travel to the other end of the world to go on an inner journey and come to share the experience of mindfulness together with people from all around the world. With years of experience in the field of wellness and creativity, we have carefully tailored the programs through a holistic approach. Offering several ways of self-exploration as we embrace uniqueness and diversity, to sustain the relationship with our-"SELF" in the midst of massive awakening — from the comfort of your own space.

Who is the retreat for
- Anyone who is not able to travel for a yoga retreat.
- Anyone who wants to get away from his or her busy and hectic life but doesn’t have enough time or money.
- Anyone who wants to rejuvenate and find his or her inner peace without leaving his or her home/comfort zone (suitable for introverts).
- Anyone who wants to reconnect to themselves.
- Anyone who is conscious about sustainability and who doesn’t want to take flights for short-term retreats.
- Anyone who needs to reset, regardless of his or her yoga experience (suitable for both beginners & advanced yogis).

When is the retreat?
Friday to Sunday, the 21st of August until the 23rd of August 2020.

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