What To Expect


Free Consultation 30'
Meet our therapist online/offline for 30 mins
beforehand to get to know our therapist and
get an idea about hypnotherapy.

Book A Schedule
Book a schedule and once, it sets, you will receive 
a message regarding information of the session
includes intake form, address & reminders,
what to prepare before the session.


It is best to give yourself time to rest before
jump to another activity after the session.
It allows your body and mind to process the insight
that you gain from the therapy session.

Each client has a different experience in
processing the session. Most clients feel tired,
yet feel lighter, relaxed, and positive.

Also, you might feel the effect of the session
right away but you might need more time
since sometimes the effect is subtle. 


In a pre-talk, we are going to go through
the intake form, addressing the issue, and 
a brief explanation about the session and QnA
if there's any before the session begins.

The client will be guided to enter into
a hypnosis state/meditation-like state.
It is a state where you feel deep relaxation and
yet aware and conscious of the whole process.
It is an active process, therefore,
you won't be unconscious or sleeping.
At times, you will have a dialogue with
the therapist to access your memories in your subconscious and to gain an understanding of that memories, so you can solve the issue. 

After the hypnosis part, the client and therapist
will have a brief discussion to highlight
the key points from the session.